The authentic experience

It’s living a moment apart, a moment that will be etched in our memory forever. How to create it in our world of experiential outbidding? It may even seem contradictory, when everything that is deployed to sublimate the moment, surprise and amaze customers, is not really durable and dissipates like the screen of a smoke… Where to find this rare gem? In the unexpected that prepares with heart and that welcomes free.

Authentic luxury is an experience that is the opposite of our conventional schemes, and that is why it is rare, if in simplicity and in an inner reversal. No need to wait for it in standardization, or with customer actions imagined in advance, and with pyramidal and standardized management. It is revealed by empowering and empowering each employee to deal with the desires of customers in a conscientious and empathetic manner. Creativity and joy, then the desire to share and act to protect what is good and reveal it to others, are born from this.

Authentic experience is therefore a path that reveals the being first. A luxury that can’t be bought or owned; but who receives and gives. Customers who have been able to buy everything in their lives also realize that the most memorable experience was the one that had no price, which was received free of charge, without having to pay anything. Inner unity, harmony, presence to oneself and to others, allow us to radiate simple and lasting joy, to create moments of authenticity and peace.

Authentic luxury is revealed in simplicity and an internal reversal.

The three pillars

The sharp knowledge of hospitality practices, and years of experience in Marketing projects, have given me the intimate conviction that authentic experience comes when one is fully aware of the present moment. It’s amazing to talk about this as a prerequisite to any customer strategy. And yet… Opening up, welcoming the world with our five senses, and our fully receptive attention are necessary.

Because only the awakened presence that results, allows the crea-action and make the customer live a unique, deep, intimate experience, offered in the moment. That is where our efforts should be directed to create the memorable experience, in welcoming the other and the real, here and now, that somehow “fertilizes” all the ideas, actions and Marketing strategies conceived upstream.

They are summarized in the pillars I have named “the 3 C’s”; interior postures that are practiced in openness and welcome, to create in a unique way, the authentic experience.


which allows you to contemplate


which allows us to express ourselves


which allows us to celebrate


People don’t care how much you know; untill they know how much you care

Théodore Roosevelt


Consciousness allows us to welcome every act transfigured in the present moment.

It is paramount. For to offer a true, profoundly transforming experience, we must first offer the being and not do it, and be inspired by the dimensions of reception in our interactions with the world.

Each ordinary act is then lived extraordinarily well, in the consciousness of the life that flows in and around us at every moment. The hospitality of the heart thus allows us to welcome our guests with what we are, in conscience, and to offer them this, allows us to sublimate all the actions of welcome because we simply give them the best of ourselves!

Painting, sculpting or making shoes doesn’t matter. What matters is putting your soul into everything you create. The real creator knows he didn’t create anything. Existence possessed him, his hands, his being. She created something through him. He was only an instrument. This is authentic art.


With the presence to oneself and to others, comes creativity, which is a state of consciousness quite paradoxical. To know and act according to the deep desire of the customer, one must be connected in the present moment, and let the gesture, the words, the acts hatch naturally. We actually become a channel for inspiration to flow through us. Traditional patterns are therefore not enough to live an unforgettable moment. The service is rendered, sometimes admirably well, often very generously, and the customer is satisfied. But there is still a lack of this “little nothing” that can’t be bought. an attention that touches us deeply…

Creativity unfolds in all our daily activities, and ultimately in all the professions, especially those of hospitality and service.


With the presence of oneself and others, comes creativity

Art is the reflection of the human soul, dazzled by the splendor of the beautiful.

Victor Hugo


This awakening necessarily leads to contemplation and the need to share.

This awakening leads inevitably to contemplation, that of incredible beauty, both ephemeral and impenetrable. To remain present is therefore also to keep distance, because one can only welcome it and not possess it. The celebration then fills the heart with joy and, like an overflowing glass, the need to share it. In hospitality, for example, it is enough to treat employees as we would like them to treat our clients; so that they can do it spontaneously, filled with recognition, consideration and pride.

Similarly, in all creators, after years of discipline to acquire the intelligence of the hand, years of creativity to express their art, they will sublimate each work in a hyper-personalized relationship with their clients. We talk about communion, co-creation, even creation-action, where the wonderful touches beings and reveals the beauty of the world.

By tasting this unique experience, we are transformed. For we realize that it is the essence of the world and the meaning of all life. Above all, it can be deployed in an ordinary life by opening our consciences to see, taste, contemplate and create together a world of joy, harmony and peace.

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