The authentic luxury treasures

There is no explanation for the luxury trade. It requires intuition, sensitivity, inspiration, fairy fingers, artist’s eyes and a creative soul.

Marie-Claude Sicard

Here is a portrait of passionate designers who shape authentic luxury. Through their know-how, extraordinary talent and daring, they build a new world that is more beautiful, better and truer, in love with simple values, nature and human relationships.

Their journey is a testimony of love, courage and conviction, which gives meaning, and allows us to live fully and share in our turn the joy of being in the world.

"Carine! You have such a wonderful writing. I saw myself again as a child... flashbacks of happiness"

Olivier Messas Artist-Paintor, sculptor and photographer Karlsruhe, Germany

“ Let me congratulate you on this beautiful report you have written. Rarely have I had the opportunity to read such a personal text mixing the human with the sculptor.”

Julien Feller Sculptor Martelange, Belgique

“Thank you for this article so profound! You are an excellent writter!”

Lauren Collin Designer, visual artist Paris

“Thank you for your great work! You have an undeniable talent for shaping the words you collect”

Jonathan Soulié Master coppersmith,craftsman, artist & designer Tarn, Occitanie

“And a thousand times thanks for your article! Your way of writing is very beautiful and it touched me very much!!! This interview gave me the opportunity to think about things I had never really put into words.”

Kyoko Sugiura Artist, Embroiderer & Designer Paris, France & Tokyo, Japan

“Carine, thank you for this beautiful article which is wonderful. You've really captured something unique here, and we're happy to read your work."

Véronique Sanders CEO of the Château Haut-Bailly, oenologist Léognan, France

“A true luxury lover! Thank you Carine. I am very moved by what you say.”

Edouard Hirsinger Master Chocolatier & Meilleur Ouvrier de France Arbois, Jura

“Carine, very well summarized, it's perfect. I took the liberty of "destabilizing" your beautiful initial text with some annotations or clarifications! May the cry of nature finally be heard!”

Yves Jacquemoud Naturalist guide & Photographer Alpes Haute-Savoie

“Thank you for your hard work and beautiful writing.”

Tony Crocetta Wildlife Photographer, Artist, Writter and Safaris creator MELTING POT SAFARIS KENYA

“Thank you Carine for these beautiful texts and for having spent all this time listening to me!”

Eric Sander Photographer & International Reporter

“I could not wait after the reading, to congratulate you on this so nice transcription, so sensitive and faithful!”

Laurence Verhaeghe LUXE & EXCELLENCE

“Thank you for your wealth that you give wonderfully well, to all those who need particulary care and listening. Then your poetry that illuminates a life course.”

Sara Bran Jeweller & Gold Lace-maker Saint-Just-Et-Vacquières

“A very big thank you to Carine Mouradian for this beautiful portrait that retraces my history.”

Alan Geaam Chef étoilé Paris

“Thank you for this wonderful interview. When you take the time to look at it and ask me such interesting questions; by answering it, it helps me discover myself.”

Mélanie Georgacopoulos Perls Jewelry designer, Artistic Director for TASAKI London, Germany, Tokyo, Greece

“Thank you Carine for this beautiful article. He's very emotional. i'm very touched. I've never read such a beautiful article about myselfet tellement vrai; je suis sincèrement émue.”

Andrée Rosier Mchelin Starred Chef, Meilleur Ouvrier de France & Knight of the Legion of Honour RESTAURANT LES ROSIERS à Biarritz

“Head in the chaff! Thank you Carine for this lovely time.”

Natacha Pons Embroidery designer BEAU VOIR

“A big thank you for this wonderful article that touched us a lot. You have a very beautiful pen and it is very pleasant to read.”

Aïdée et Florian Sirven Bespoke Dress-makers MAISON SIRVEN & BERLUTI

“Wow. i'm out of breath. No one has been able to transcribe such an image of me. You've circled everything. I feel like you've revisited my life by living it from within. It's just perfect. thanks!”

Clément Chérif Boubrit Master Cheese-maker FIl'O'Fromages

“I was so touched by your words. Your accuracy and the finesse of your writing have been able to express all the human dimension with which we wish to do our job.”

Xavier Aubercy Master Bottier and Creator of Exceptional Shoes AUBERCY

“Thank you again for your interest in our craft work. Always be welcome among the fir trees.”

Jacky Epitaux CEO RUDYS SILVA, Switzerland

“Thank you for your visit and all you do with so much energy.”

Jean-Philippe Richard Sculptor

“Thank you for this very well-built article. Warm regards.”

Lucien Ferrero Creator & Master Perfumer Grasse, France

“Thank you for sending this beautiful article and this shared moment. We look forward to seeing you.”

Jacques Chibois Michelin starred Chef LA BASTIDE DE SAINT-ANTOINE

“Great article. You have the gift of seeing and touching people deeply. I'm glad to know you.”

Claude Aïello Master Ceramist Vallauris, France

“I feel so moved Carine. Thank you for your sensitive, delicate and so fine writing.”

Vincent Breed Artist & Master Glassmaker Lyon, France

“I loved your text. It's authentic. Thank you for your hard work.”

Vittorio Serio Master Cabinetmaker and creator

“Thank you for this very complimentary and well written article. I greet you most warmly”

Maurice Sauzet Architect & French thinker ESPACE SAUZET & CARBALLAR ARCHITECTES

“I thank Carine Mouradian for this beautiful article on her blog.”

Thierry Vendome Artist & Jeweller Paris, France

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