True luxury

The search for meaning is at the heart of a profound change in our modern world. Customers, who have become demanding, experienced and zapper, are now looking for more responsible consumption. And many yearn for another luxury: that of simplicity and depth, to live an authentic experience

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Léonard de Vinci

True luxury does not sparkle

Can we define what true luxury is? Everyone perceives it differently. There are even luxuries for each person, each life situation, each culture and each era. But whether it is an object, a product, an environment or a way of life, it is always recognized by its exemplary nature, its extraordinary character and its aesthetic dimension. What is rare, that is, neither common nor common, is luxurious too.

So, even if it has a definite relationship with money, luxury is not synonymous with wealth or ostentation. It is absolute, discreet and exclusive, far from standards and norms. Let us also remember that the word luxury comes from the Latin “luxus” which means abundance and refinement. But it also means “lux” that is to say “light”, and it is wrong that it has been compared to “luxuria” (lust) to represent it in all that glitters.

Luxury does not shine. It radiates! True luxury is what lights up, not what sparkles.

True luxury seeks for the essence of each reality.

True luxury is in authenticity

Authentic luxury is that which returns to traditional values, to the essence of a profession, to the sources of a product, by updating them in today’s world. This in relation to its history, its environment and as an expression of oneself and one’s sensitivity for the joy and wonder of others.

It is therefore above all a set of characteristics: noble materials, a history linked to a house or a destiny, an exceptional traditional know-how, an art of living, a service that values the customer, an emotion linked to product experience, tailor-made and originality in a constantly renewed creation …

A path of light

Luxury therefore has the ability to always push the boundaries in innovation, excellence and aesthetics to find the sources of authenticity. To show through the harmony of the senses, the quest for meaning and the revelation of the essence all that is beautiful and real in the world and in particular nature, human relations and all forms of craftsmanship and art.

This is why I called this quest authentic luxury; because it is a rare and precious path, far from the beaten track, full of truth and life, which offers a unique outlook, know-how and interpersonal skills allowing to create a memorable experience, which opens up and reveals beauty of the world.

Luxury always pushs forward the innovation, excellence and aesthetics boundaries.

But there’s really no beautiful style, no beautiful design, no beautiful colour.There’s only one beauty.that of the truth which is revealed.

Auguste Rodin

Consuming luxury is consuming a product, a legend or a myth, a tradition, know-how and a rite of use. Today, everyone wants their share of luxury.

Gilles Lipovestsky

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