Societal and environmental changes today call for the creation of new approaches to improve and recreate the hospitality experience. In the tourism and hospitality sector, which has become very competitive, each hotel is looking for new innovative practices to provide a memorable welcome to each client, exceeding their needs and surprising them with each visit to the destination.

Everyone agrees that welcome is fundamental in any business. And still, there is a lot of confusion about the definition and the essence. In this article, we will analyze some of the fundamental components of the welcome.

This question was at the heart of my study. General Managers said traditional guests are still attached to the old practices… but all the experts highlight the urgency of implementing innovation to welcome the new customers and get a significant differentiation with competitors. The challenge is to be flexible and get quickly adapted to each guest, giving a larger choice to satisfy all

Welcome today is also the mirror of our society, handling its contradictions: the rush for time, for efficiency and digital life, while our body and soul claim authentic contacts, resourceful experiences in real life… Customers value a two-way conversation with the ability to be a part of creating what they want (co-creation). They are also more discerning, knowledgeable but also confused, with various

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