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Societal and environmental changes today call for the creation of new approaches to improve and recreate the hospitality experience. In the tourism and hospitality sector, which has become very competitive, each hotel is looking for new innovative practices to provide a memorable welcome to each client, exceeding their needs and surprising them with each visit to the destination.

This question was at the heart of my study. General Managers said traditional guests are still attached to the old practices… but all the experts highlight the urgency of implementing innovation to welcome the new customers and get a significant differentiation with competitors. The challenge is to be flexible and get quickly adapted to each guest, giving a larger choice to satisfy all

Studying new hospitality practices leads to two fundamentally different approaches to customer strategy. Authentic hospitality needs a vision that returns to the essence of hospitality and its fundamental values, which inevitably induces a break from traditional patterns and in this, a great leap in innovation. It also requires small sacrifices in the way we normally greet clients, until our attitude and practices become

The organization of luxury hotels is changing to better welcome guests and meet the needs of all customers. Among these new practices, there is the modern concierge service which adapts and becomes professional with the help of technological tools. What is the future of concierges?

I recently had an exclusive interview with Peter McAlpine, an expert in Hospitality, who has launched an innovative concept of Heart-based Hospitality to enhance the guest experience throughout the hotel industry. In the previous article, we described his approach and the nature of Heart-based Hospitality. Now, we can go further to know how it works practically and what has to be done to

The research on the welcome and the full complement of expert and general managers led us to a series of innovative practices (technology, design, SOP, HR) that would hopefully enhance the guest experience in the future. But the overall feeling was still skeptical… Some even displayed their dismay when foreseeing if those elements would really have a positive impact on the happiness of

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